Fiorellino Snack Bar – a little Italian taste beyond the Wild Wild West


Coming from an Italian background and a long line of women who cook (phenomenally for that matter) I find myself to always be very critical of Italian food. Despite my often tough opinions on this category of food, I always adventure around the city trying new dishes of pasta and pizza from various restaurants.

A few weeks ago, my longing for the perfect pizza and pasta combination landed me at Fiorellino. Fiorellino is nestled on rue de la Gauchetire Ouest on the border of the Old Port. My first impression before even putting anything in my mouth was, wow!  When you walk in the door you are instantly hit with the aroma of fresh pizza, and the most stunning chevron floors lead you straight to your table. I was lucky enough to have a front-row view of the whole pizza making process and I think this may have truly been my favorite part (aside from the food). As you dine, you have the opportunity to watch the master pizzaiolo at work making and twirling pizzas one after one.

Fiorellino Snack Bar - a little Italian taste beyond the Wild Wild West, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island NewsThough not extensive, the menu covers all bases. They have a great selection of appetizers to prepare your taste buds for the pasta and red and white based pizzas you can order as a main dish. I had ordered the mushroom bucatini, shared the spicy soppressata pizza and dove in for one too many bites of my friend’s mafalde pasta with pork and cabbage ragu. We started off our night with two Aperol Spritz, a classic Italian cocktail, and the pizza. The spicy soppressata pizza was delicious, the dough crispy and fire cooked the real Neopolitan way and the toppings were outstanding. The mushroom bucatini dish was no far from exceptional, the pasta (homemade) and perfectly al dente was tossed with aromatic and earthy mushrooms that made for the most delicious pasta dish I have had in a long time. Though I was hesitant at first, my friend’s Porc and cabbage ragu was equally as impressive. As I stated above, I have eaten a lot of pasta dishes, and nothing has ever been quite like this. The sauce was savory and the cabbage packed a surprising twist to the dish, bringing it to a whole new level. To my friend’s horror and to my delight I could not keep my fork out of her plate! It was truly an outstanding and equally unique dish.

The night ended with some pistachio gelato which was nutty and creamy. The serving was generous, and for a moment transported my imagination to somewhere in Italy. It was truly an authentic Italian gelato! It is no surprise that Fiorellino has many fans, therefore I suggest reservations be made in advance before you visit them. Until my return…. I am dreaming about getting my hands and fork in more of their dishes!


Fiorellino Snack Bar

Phone : (514) 878-3666

Email :

470, rue de la Gauchetière O.
Montreal, QC
H2Z 1E3


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