Fintech Select, Canada’s Financial Service that should be on Investors Radar


The year 2020 was exceptionally for the financial services market, and 2021 seems to be successful. Here is the current most robust financial service market in Canada.

Fintech Select Ltd. (TSX-V: FTEC, OTC: SLXFF)

This platform provides pre-paid card programs for online payment and a point of sale cryptocurrency platform. The company also runs a multi-lingual call center that provides customer support services across all its platform.

Select is driven by the desire to provide customers with a convenient and cost-effective way to conduct financial transactions. The company has several transformative services all integrated with its infrastructure. They include;

(a) TWIFTY-Platform

The platform specializes in e-commerce processing, disbursements, and remittances. The platform services are convenient, cost-effective, and accessible to businesses and people around the world.

Individuals and businesses can register and create their e-wallets. They can then send money, manage mobile payments, and also integrate mobile payment options.

(b) SELECTCOIN-The POS cryptocurrency platform

Fintech has developed a robust platform to ease the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency. This platform charges a transactional fee for all exchanges between seller and buyer. The company acts as a middleman.

This platform targets small transactions such as $100 to $1, 000. It is a cost-effective and convenient way to carry financial transactions in the fintech economy.

(c) Pre-paid card management platform

Fintech Select also provides MasterCard and VISA prepaid cars to millions of people underbanked consumers, government, and corporates through its technology.

The company also offers high-end to-end prepaid card solutions to suit all business needs. The application has rich features and works to ease banking transactions. The card is secured with a pin and chip technology.

Fintech has over $5 million in market capitalization, meaning it has performed well above 280 percent since last year. As a top financial service provider, the firm should be a target for investors. Given its excellent portfolio. Fintech Select should be the next deal for investors.


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