The Fight Against the Emerald Ash Borer Continues in Dorval this Summer


The emerald ash borer (EAB), a destructive insect, was detected in Dorval in August 2014. Having at heart the preservation of its urban forest, the City of Dorval recently adopted a proactive action plan to control the spreading of this insect. Consequently, several measures have been put forward since its detection:

  • Treatment of all ash trees on public property (ending this year)
  • Annual massive plantation of new trees
  • Adoption of a by-law regarding ash trees
  • Financial assistance for residents through a subsidy for the treatment of ash trees on private property

The inventory of all trees on private property is now completed and the City has assessed that there are still several hundreds of ash trees that are considered for treatment against the EAB with a class four pesticide called Tree Azin that must be applied every two years for the life of the tree. In light of this, Dorval residents must do their part to address this situation as soon as possible. If you have an ash tree, please call the city promptly at 514 633-4084.

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As a way to help you, the City of Dorval is offering, again this year, a subsidy for the treatment against the EAB. As such, in order to guide the citizens throughout the process, the City will also provide technical support via a selected contractor. Here is how to take advantage of the subsidy:

  1. Contact the Urban Planning Department at 514 633-4084.
  2. A City technician will pass by your home to evaluate and measure your ash tree, and make the necessary arrangements with the selected contractor, who, in turn, will come by and treat your tree at a later date.
  3. Once the treatment is done, pay the bill and then drop by the Urban Planning Department (60 Martin Avenue). The City will reimburse 50% of the cost incurred, up to $1,500.

Please note that because the treatment period ranges from June to August, visits will begin in May and no requests will be taken after August 7. Reserve a technician now!