Fifteen-Year-Old Dart Prodigy to Represent Canada at World Cup


Celebrating her fifteenth birthday in the warm glow of August, young Brooke Martell will be stepping into the spotlight in late September – showcasing her skills and serving as an ambassador for Cape Breton Island and, indeed, all of Canada, at the World Cup of Darts staged in Denmark.

A rising star in the field of darts, Martell’s anticipation was palpable. “This is a thrilling milestone, an opportunity to bring recognition to my country and my hometown,” she shared, having honed her techniques at the Hawks Club in Dominion, N.S.

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Martell’s foray into the world of dart competitions has seen a series of impressive victories, starting with her bagging the Nova Scotia provincial championship earlier this year without conceding a single match. Following up with the Canadian championship in junior singles, her victory marked her passport for Scandinavia and ensured that the national championship trophy found its way back to Gabarus, N.S., her intimate hometown which sparked her passion for the sport.

Martell’s involvement in darts is a legacy passed down through her lineage. “Darts have been an integral part of our lives – from my grandfather to the younger generations,” she noted. Her competitive journey began exceptionally young, with her first challenge at youth nationals at a tender age of ten.

Although the subsequent competition scheduled to take place on her home turf in Sydney, N.S. was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Martell was not dismayed. Her persistence paid off in her third attempt: truly, the third time was a charm. “My continuous practice against adults gave me belief in my capabilities, though I remained cautiously optimistic about the outcome,” Martell mused.

Joining Martell in donning the red and white at the World Cup will be Tyler Cyr, an 18-year-old phenom from Riverview, N.B. Like Martell, he gained his credentials by triumphing in his division at the youth nationals. “This will be my first venture beyond the Canadian borders, which on its own is a thrilling prospect. I never even dared to dream of representing Canada at the World Cup before,” Cyr confessed.

Back home in the Hawks Club in Dominion, Martell holds court amidst her collection of accolades garnered through her six years in the competitive sport – a testament to her formidable skill. Unlike her peers who are still mapping out their futures, Martell’s goals are clear cut and sport-focused. “My ambition is to push my boundaries and aim for the professional leagues,” Martell asserts.

As the World Cup in Denmark looms, unfolding from September 24th to October 1st, both Martell and Cyr eagerly anticipate marking this significant milestone in their burgeoning dart careers – their premier trip abroad not merely as tourists, but as Canadian representatives.