Fiery Blaze Devours Historic Gordon Block in Downtown Regina


In the heart of Regina’s bustling downtown core, fire crews were summoned to tackle a commercial fire on Sunday. They arrived at the scene on the 2100 block of 12th Avenue in the nascent hours, facing a three-story edifice enshrouded with ascending plumes of smoke and snapped apart by persistent flames.

The building in distress was nestled just north of Victoria Park, at 2170 12th Ave, and bystanders watched as Regina’s finest did their best to vanquish the fierce blaze. The city urged its citizenry to steer clear of the hot zone, ensuring the firefighters could operate without hindrance.

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The rising sun was welcomed by weary fire crews still working diligently to control the fire and conduct their searches. This information was disseminated via social media platform X momentarily before 6 a.m. Regina’s downtown core is a dotting landscape of heritage properties, many not unscathed by the teeth of time. Among them, the notorious Gordon Block— the unfortunate victim of the day’s blaze.

An emotional Dennis Dukart, who had spent nearly four decades within its walls, lamented to CTV News, “Well 39 years and 11 months I was here. Kind of sad to see it go really.” Dukart’s salon, Canadiana Hair Stylists, once shared its quarters with Novia Café, one of Regina’s vintage eateries dating back to 1918 within the embrace of Gordon Block.

The threatened structure stands in the shadows of its heritage neighbor, the Credit Foncier Building. Interestingly, a stone’s throw north of the fire site lies the Burns-Hanley Building at 1863 Cornwall Street. Once, Regina’s first Catholic church, St. Mary’s, it was also the 1885 resting place of Louis Riel’s body for three weeks prior to its shift to St. Boniface, Man. for burial.

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