Fetch.ai’s Native Currency FET Eyes Bullish Climb to $0.60


On a digital trading floor, where fortunes oscillate with the rhythmic pulses of market sentiment, a new whisper of potential has been heard. On November 15, a well-versed crypto trader foretold a verdant journey for Fetch.ai’s native currency, FET. Fetch.ai, a beacon of artificial intelligence in the blockchain realm, is believed to be charting a course back to prosperity, sailing on the updraft of its recent upward momentum.

This forecast, a lighthouse amidst the foggy discourse of cryptocurrency speculation, comes from an observer known as @rektcapital. The trader’s prognosis is derived from a meticulous scrutiny of FET’s weekly chart, which apparently exudes a robust vitality. Permeating the market is the anticipation of a resurgence of bullish traders, speculated to bolster FET’s sails and propel it beyond the resistance it had encountered in the early winds of November.

FET’s market posture remains optimistic, dramatically scaling a 770% acclivity from its 2022 nadir. When appraised more closely, the weekly candlestick arrangement reveals that since July 2023, FET has mounted a 140% increase; a series of bullish engulfing patterns has painted a narrative of unbridled ascent. Indeed, the currency has rebounded from the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement level, a redoubt of $0.17, heralding an escalating assault on the $0.46 battlement. Breaching these ramparts, it is suggested, could lay the foundations for a continued advance to lofty heights of $0.60, clambering to the pinnacle of 2023’s market exuberance.

But even as FET clambers up this monetary slope, prognosticators maintain a vigilant watch. The currency’s course towards a historic apogee of $1.20, last seen in the halcyon days of 2021, remains shrouded in the mists of market uncertainty. Yet, the wind in FET’s sails has a palpable vigor; trading volumes surpass those of years past, insinuating a groundswell of support. If volume can be seen as the forerunner to price movements, the signs are fortuitous for FET, with an accelerated return to erstwhile glories appearing increasingly feasible.

As FET traces its upward trajectory, its creators are not idle. Fetch.ai heralded the onset of DeltaV in October, an evolution in the harmony between human and AI interactions on the blockchain. Fetch.ai’s growing eminence is further echoed in the annals of social media, where its discourse eclipses that of peers like The Graph (GRT) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), boasting a staggering influx of virtual interactions.

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