Feeding Time


Having a baby leaves you with so many questions and doubts. During my pregnancy I never thought one of those questions would be how to feed my baby. Well come to find out, you will never make the right or wrong decision. I have come to realize that as long as they are filling their diapers you’re doing something right.

One day I was sitting with a friend in Fairview. She proceeded to pull out a bottle of freshly prepared formula and began to feed her baby. This was before I had kids and I thought to myself ‘boy, she really knows what she’s doing.’ She had a thermos that kept the water just right, a container that had perfectly measured doses of formula powder and the baby’s favourite bottle. Her son was reaching out desperately giving little whimpers of excitement as she gave it the last shake to make his favourite cocktail. He began gorging himself and I sat there and marvelled at her skill. Just as I thought she had it all together some older woman walked by and glared at my friend. She walked right up to her and said ‘don’t you know breast is best?’ My friend’s quick wit put this intruder in her place by saying ‘don’t you know fed is best?’

I went home that day in shock at what I had witnessed. Didn’t this lady see the love that my friend had while preparing her baby’s bottle? What did it matter that was inside that bottle? I was puzzled and thought well I guess this leaves me no choice. In order to avoid judgement, when I have kids I will breastfeed them. My entire pregnancy was spent studying all the different methods on how to successfully breastfeed but I knew that there still was no guarantee.

The day my son was born I realized that he was a professional at this. Still covered in afterbirth he pushed his way up my swollen belly, lifted his shaking head and flopped right onto my breast. He began nursing without me having to do any work. That continued until the day I weaned him. Everything was perfect until one day I was back at Fairview. My son began to whimper his hungry little shrills. I prepared myself for a quick ‘undercover’ feed. I covered myself with a breast cover and began to nurse my child. His little legs were kicking in plain view but his head was nestled underneath. A woman walking by glared over at me. I gave her a quick smile trying  to deflect her stare. She marched over to me and said ‘You’re disgusting! Do that in the privacy of your own home. My husband and I don’t need to see that.’ With hormones raging and utter shock I was paralyzed and began to cry. I pulled the breast cover over my head and hid from the outside world. I starred at my son who was so content and I’m guessing a little confused as to why I suddenly appeared.

At the end of the day no matter what you do you will be judged. Make decisions you are comfortable with. You know what’s right for you, your baby and your family. If you have questions reach out to Perfit Moms on Facebook. We won’t judge, we will support and we have professionals happy to help you.


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