Feds Pledge 120 Of Canada’s Armed Forced To Help Manitoba Battle Forest Fire


About 120 of Canada’s Armed forced are scheduled to arrive in Manitoba to help fight wild fire that has so far displaced 1300 First Nation people living east of the Lake Winnipeg.

Bill Blair, the Public Safety Minister, said via tweet last Tuesday that the federal authorities had approved a request to have help sent over to battle 130 wildfires.

Evacuations are underway at four first Nation communities that were heavily impacted by the fire that has consumed a huge chunk of the boreal forest, east Manitoba.

The 1300 evacuees are currently resident in hotels located in Brandon and Winnipeg, and their hope is that the fire will subside before power to their homes is shut off.

The Red Cross said that it is expecting about 1600 person to be needing lodging south of Manitoba in the next few days.

About 1000 are still in their local communities, including a number of band constables.

Blair Owen, Councilor for Little Grand Rapid, noted that they are fearful that climate change and insufficient firefighting resources will translate into seasonal evacuations.

Manitoba has 129 wildfires, Manitoba’s Conservation Climate says.

The largest of the fires is about 2060 square kilometers and is currently razing the north Interlake mixed forest, to the west of Highway 6, in the sparsely populated patch between Grand Rapids and Gypsumville.

The coniferous forest and Peaty wetland on the eastern side of Winnipeg is battling a 1150 square kilometer fire and has generated a lot of smoke that is drifting to the south towards Winnipeg together with a number of other densely populated areas.


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