Feds Consult on Electoral Reform


Following the last federal election, the Canadian government mandated a committee to look into the topic of Electoral Reform.  In the words of a recent invitation:

 ” A special committee of 12 Members of Parliament‎ has been struck to study different types of voting systems and consult Canadians on their preferred alternative to the current first-past-the-post system. The House of Commons Special Committee on Electoral Reform will also examine mandatory voting and online voting.

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 The committee has invited all 338 Members of Parliament to hold local town hall meetings to seek their constituents’ ideas and views on electoral reform.”

On Thursday, September 15  Francis Scarpaleggia, MP for Lac Saint Louis hosted a Town Hall meeting  at John Rennie High School to discuss alternatives and gather inputs from the citizens.

 Topics included subjects such as alternatives  to the current way members are elected, and options such as online voting, mandatory voting, and possibly lowering the voting age to 16.

There was a lively discussion, both on the alternatives and on the need for this reform at the present time.

Since this topic has HUGE implications on the future of our country, you are strongly encouraged to become informed on the issues and convey your thoughts to your MP, or to the Committee.  The Committee has created a website to both inform and gather input on  the topic.

The following links may be helpful to you in finding information on Electoral Reform

Special Committee website  

Learn about the Committee

The Canadian Electoral System  

Other Electoral Systems


IMPORTANT:  There are various ways to input to the Committee, however October 7, 2016 is the deadline for participation:

1) You may request to APPEAR before the Committee.  

2) You may submit a BRIEF  to the Committee

3) You may complete an online SURVEY

For additional information, you can contact your riding office.  


If your are in Lac Saint Louis riding your MP is Francis Scarpaleggia

email: francis.scarpaleggia.a2@parl.gc.ca

website: www.scarpaleggia.ca

facebook: facebook.com/francis.scarpaleggia

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