Federal Judge Overturns New Mexico’s Temporary Gun Ban Amidst Escalating Violence


A federal judge recently overturned a provisional order issued by New Mexico’s governor, which temporarily suspended public open and concealed carry laws. The order was issued in response to an escalating public health crisis involving gun violence and drug abuse plaguing the state. In issuing the order, the governor echoed the alarming memories of two mass shootings within the state boundaries, as well as basing the order on the dubious killings of two minors aged 11 and 13.

Under the terms of the initial order, Bernalillo County witnessed sweeping changes, including a moratorium of 30 days on the open and concealed carry laws and a ban on carrying firearms on state-owned properties, a list encompassing state buildings, education establishments, and selected park areas.

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However, this ruling was met with staunch opposition, culminating in a lawsuit filed several days ago by multiple activists advocating for gun rights. These opponents leveled charges at Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, asserting the lack of historical backing for the ban imposed.

Responding to the judge’s recent ruling, Governor Grisham expressed her disappointment but stood firm on the issue. She highlighted the grave issue of escalating gun violence, particularly the tragic premature ending of children’s lives. She solemnly swore that she will continue her fight against such horrors, fueled by the anguish etched on the faces of those families who are left behind to mourn their departed loved ones.

The federal judge’s ruling has put the enforcement of this gun ban on hold until a preliminary injunction hearing is convened in roughly two weeks. This ruling stands in stark contrast to the governor’s stance, leaving the rest of the provisions of the original order intact.

The lawsuit against the governor was spearheaded by The National Association for Gun Rights, who received the ruling with an outpouring of applause. The Association expressed their delight, affirming that there is no exception to the Second Amendment. This temporary injunction has re-enabled law-abiding gun owners in Albuquerque to exercise their right to bear arms, according to the Association’s legal branch executive director, Hannah Hill.