Fearless 90-year-old Scales Spinnaker Tower for Hospice Fundraiser


Marking her 90th birthday in a rather exceptional fashion, Thelma Forbes, a vibrant woman from Ottershaw, Surrey, embraced her adventurous spirit and turned the day into a thrilling fundraiser. Using her milestone birthday as an opportunity to give back, she fearlessly scaled down 100 metres (or approximately 330 feet) of Portsmouth’s iconic Spinnaker Tower, a venture she admitted was “absolutely terrifying”.

Thelma’s courageous feat was more than mere birthday thrill-seeking, it had a noble cause at its heart. The daring nonagenarian successfully raised a substantial sum exceeding £2,000, all for the benefit of Woking and Sam Beare Hospice. The establishment holds a special place in her heart, having provided much-needed care for several of Thelma’s dear friends over the years.

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Indeed, this is not Thelma’s first foray into extreme fundraising initiatives. The fearless former air stewardess initially showcased her daredevil spirit when she undertook a charity skydive for the same hospice, demonstrating her courage and generosity at the age of 75. Her continuous adventures and philanthropic endeavours are indeed a testament to her unyielding spirit and generous heart, celebrating life whilst contributing meaningfully to the lives of others.