FDA Slams Dollar Tree Over Handling of Lead-Tainted Applesauce Recall


Dollar Tree, the prominent discount chain, has come under fire from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its neglect in handling the proper recall of lead-contaminated applesauce pouches. The said tainted pouches, exhibited a potential link to reported illnesses in over 500 children and, shockingly, were still seen on store shelves two months after the mandated recall.

This information was divulged to the public in an FDA warning letter sent to Dollar Tree earlier this month. The same letter also disclosed an imposition of import alerts on Negasmart, an Ecuador-based distributor that supplied the contentious WanaBana apple cinnamon pouches.

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These pouches made the headlines in October 2023 when a recall was initiated due to a reportedly “extremely high” contamination of lead and chromium. The disastrous impact spread across 44 states, with children exhibiting elevated blood lead levels after consuming the applesauce pouches, which were specifically touted for toddlers. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared an end to this distressing outbreak since April.

In a stern reproach on Dollar Tree Inc, FDA officials pointed out that the toxic WanaBana apple puree products had remained on store shelves in several states even until late December. This timeframe was, unfortunately, two months post the company’s reception of the recall information. Although the Chandigarh, Virginia-based Dollar Tree had annulled the sale of these pouches at their registers, the FDA deemed the maneuver ineffectual. They substantiated this claim with a report of a child consuming the recalled pouch from the store shelves in Washington state, irrespective of the sales ban.

On the other hand, Dollar Tree, currently operating under new management, assures to refine its process to expedite efficient product recalls. They reiterated their commitment in an email sent out this Tuesday and enumerated their widespread operations spanning 16,000 discount stores across 48 states.

Negasmart has also had its fair share of turmoil, with multiple import warnings issued this month. As an additional cautionary plan, FDA inspectors will be actively monitoring any attempts made by the firm to import products into the U.S., thereby preventing any toxic products from reaching the consumers. Testing protocols revealed that cinnamon from their manufacturing plant had alarming lead levels exceeding 2,000 times the proposed maximum limit by the FDA.

According to the CDC, consumers of these recalled pouches should promptly consult with a healthcare provider. With the understanding that there is no safe limit of lead intake and its consumption can lead to severe cognitive and behavioral issues, immediate action is of paramount importance.

The affected pouches bear the label of WanaBana and were sold at Dollar Tree outlets and through online platforms. Other brands associated with these pouches include Schnucks and Weis, which made their way into consumers’ shopping carts at some retail stores. The longevity of these products on the shelf is a threat to consumers’ well-being and it is therefore urged that these pouches be discarded and not consumed under any circumstances.