Father’s Day Tragedy: Father Bids Farewell to Daughter and Nephew in Heartrending Funeral


In a heartrending twist on Father’s Day, Ali Elhouli, 43, besieged with pain, grief, and physical injuries, said his final goodbyes to his 18-year-old daughter, Zena, during a funeral that attracted a throng of mourners. The unfortunate incident also claimed the life of Ali’s 17-year-old nephew and cousin to Zena, Ali Elhouli, during a tragic head-on collision while riding dirt bikes at their uncle’s estate.

The teens met their untimely end following a terrible crash during a family gathering in Grangefields. The calamitous event drew hundreds of sympathizers to the Newport Mosque in Werribee, where they congregated to bid farewell to the departed souls.

The impact claimed Zena immediately at the scene, while cousin Ali was hastily transported to the hospital with life-threatening conditions. Despite best efforts, he succumbed to his injuries. In a desperate bid to reach the scene, Zena’s father met with an accident involving a quad bike, sustaining non-life-threatening injuries that necessitated his hospitalization.

Recalling the horrifying incident and the loss he felt, the property owner and uncle to the deceased, Omar El Houli, described it as “heartbreaking”. He recounted discovering his niece and nephew lifeless on the ground post the crash, a vision that haunts him still, asserting that nothing could be more painful than the scene he encountered.

The mishap also affected two young boys, aged six and eleven. Both were rushed to the hospital with severe injuries, the causes of which remain uncertain. Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Lineham has noted that a Father’s Day festivity was taking place at the property during the accident. However, inquiries have been hindered as party attendees reportedly have not been cooperating.

Urging anyone with information or those who witnessed the accident to step forward and cooperate, Sgt. Lineham stated that police have faced great difficulty investigating the case due to this uncooperative behavior. He also pleaded with the family to provide any information they have, irrespective of their sentiment towards law enforcement authorities.


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