Father-Son Duo’s Unforgettable Whale Watching Adventure Captured in Stunning Photographs


Finn Nelson, a bright-eyed nine-year-old, will forever remember the day when his father, Joe Nelson, asked him an unusual question, ‘Would you like to go whale watching?’ A spark of adventure ignited his youthful countenance as he enthusiastically agreed to the proposition. Thus, began their search along the shoreline for majestic sea titans, the Orcas.

Upon hearing news about a pod of Orcas sighted nearby, the father-son pair embarked on their journey. With wide-eyed anticipation and a camera in tow, they hoped to witness the sight of the magnificent whales, a spectacle they had yet to experience firsthand.

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Simultaneously, Iwan Lweylle, a guide at Nature Trek Canada, was escorting a group of tourists in search of the same pod of whales. Despite being a seasoned guide who had faced innumerable encounters with marine life, including grizzlies, otters, and Orcas, he was more concerned about the safety and satisfaction of his patrons than taking pictures that day.

In contrast, the young Finn was assuring his father the readiness of the camera as he optimistically predicted, “You’re going to see your first whale today”. Little did they know that their day would be much more rewarding than they expected. Alongside the loud hum of the sea in their footage, six majestic Orcas swam in, transforming the father and son’s first whale encounter into an unforgettable spectacle.

On Iwan’s boat, tourist faces mirrored the awe that filled the Nelson’s. Mouths hanging open, fingers pointing at the magnificent display of nature. Despite his initial disinterest, Iwan decided to immortalize the awe-inspiring encounter and began to photograph the sight. As luck would have it, one large Orca chose this moment to breach the water’s surface, catching even the experienced guide off-guard, thus capturing a remarkable shot, a symphony of nature, and human excitement unfolding.

Finn’s exhilaration could hardly be contained as he squealed with delight, mirroring the image captured by Iwan. The boy’s mouth agape, forming a perfect ‘O’ while pointing towards the whale that seemed to have breached the ocean’s surface just to return their awestruck gaze.

Joe humorously summarized their unforgettable encounter saying, “How often do you have someone taking a photo of you with a whale in the foreground, or—I should say, taking a picture of a whale with you in the background?”

Despite his humility, Iwan offered the individuals he inadvertently captured in his pictures a framed copy of this unforgettable moment, a gift from the heart and a testament to his love for capturing candid emotions.

For Finn and Joe, this memorable encounter etched a permanent mark on their hearts, serving as a reminder of the awe-inspiring power and beauty of nature. “It was wonderful! I got to see my first whale with my dad,” beams Finn. “It was like my actual best memory ever!”

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