Father-Son Duo Perish in Heartbreaking South Australia Plane Crash


A tragic aviation incident took the lives of a father and son when their plane crashed into a field in the northern region of South Australia. The two victims were Ben Mumford, a 50-year-old seasoned pilot, and his 24-year-old son, Charlie Mumford, who were onboard their aircraft that tragically took a nose dive on Sunday afternoon near Crystal Brook, Redhill.

Eyewitness reports indicate that the aircraft had collided with power lines, leading to the heart-wrenching crash around 4.10pm that day. Stunned and quick reacting spectators managed to extricate the men from the wreckage even before the emergency services could reach the scene.

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While the younger passenger, Charlie, was pronounced dead at the location of the incident, the elder Mumford was in a critical condition and immediately rushed to the nearest medical facility. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the medical team, Ben Mumford succumbed to his grievous injuries overnight.

As reported by 7 News, the family of the victims was amongst the first to arrive at the crash location. During the frantic efforts to prove aid, Charlie’s brother was also injured, sustaining burns. Additionally, the crash set the nearby grasslands ablaze. Luckily, the fire was swiftly contained and extinguished by both the local Country Fire Service and farm units operating in the local area.

Starting Monday, a team of investigators from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau have been on site in collaboration with major crash officers. Their objective is to determine the exact factors and circumstances surrounding this devastating incident in order to provide clarity on what led to this tragic end for the father and son duo.