Fatalities in the Eastern Quebec Accident Increase to Three; Three Kids Suffer Serious Injuries


A third individual has been confirmed dead, resulting from the collision that occurred in Bas-Saint-Laurent involving a 10-wheeler and a pickup truck.

Based on reports from the Surete du Quebec (SQ), one of the deaths was a child. Three other kids suffered critical injuries. 

At around 11 a.m., a call made to the emergency department led to a speedy response to the scene of the accident. The crash happened at the junction between Saint-Edmond St. and Route 132 in Lac-au-Saumon, Eastern Quebec. 

At least seven people were victims of the accident, and this figure includes six individuals who were riding in the truck.

Three individuals lost their lives to the accident. The three are a driver, who was an octogenarian, a five-year-old toddler and a passenger in his 30s.

With the SQ investigation underway, the Rte-132 will remain shut. A detour has been mapped out to serve as a substitute route. 

An SQ investigator who has been assigned the case, was sent to the scene so he could provide more details about what happened. 


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