Fatal School Bus Crash Exposes Regency Transportation’s Safety Failures


The tragic accident involving a high school marching band and a Regency Transportation Ltd. bus occurred earlier this week in New York. The vehicle was carrying a group of about 40 students from Farmingdale High School’s marching band on their way to a band camp in Pennsylvania, when it veered off Interstate 84 and plummeted down a ravine in Wawayanda, some 70 miles from New York City. In addition to the numerous injured students, the crash also claimed the lives of two longtime teachers, Gina Pellettiere and Beatrice Ferrari.

Regency Transportation Ltd., the company operating the bus, has an alarming record of failing safety inspections. According to department records from the New York State Department of Transportation, the operator failed five out of 15 total safety inspections in the state’s 2023 fiscal year. If a bus operator or their vehicles have a 25% or higher ‘out of service’ rate due to failing vehicle inspections, they are deemed “unacceptable.” The Department of Transportation recorded Regency Transportation’s rate at an unsettling 33% in 2023.

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Being categorized as “unacceptable” necessitates at least two thorough safety inspections each year, additionally warranting a series of potential “corrective actions.” These measures could range from notices of violation potentially leading to civil penalties, to the suspension or revocation of interstate operating authority.

Furthermore, over the past two years, other buses operated by the company failed a total of seven safety inspections. According to spokesperson Joseph Morrissey, these primarily involved issues with braking systems. As a result, those buses were immediately pulled from service until the operator rectified the problems and were verified by inspectors.

As the investigation into this devastating accident continues, preliminary findings suggest a defective front tire might have been a contributing factor. A team from the National Transportation Safety Board arrived at the crash site, seeking to ascertain what precipitated the catastrophe. These investigators also aim to establish whether the bus was equipped with a dash camera, an essential tool for revealing the unfortunate sequence of events leading to the catastrophic crash.

Regency Transportation Ltd. has yet to provide a comment on the incident.

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