Fatal Multi-Vehicle Collision Shuts Down Highway 400 South of Barrie


A tragic incident unraveled south of Barrie on the bustling Highway 400 in the early hours of Monday, when a multiple-vehicle collision ended in a fatality. The collision, which notably involved a pedestrian, forced local authorities to shut down the section of the highway responsible for the incident.

The unfortunate chain of events was set in motion when a vehicle travelling southbound experienced sudden failure, stalling amidst the live lane of traffic. This occurred within an ongoing construction zone in the vicinity of Innisfil Beach Road in Innisfil. Adding to the complication of the situation was the lack of shoulder space in the area, leading the driver to the fatal decision of exiting the car.

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“As the driver evacuated, the harsh reality was an encounter with another passing vehicle,” OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt insightfully illustrated the chain of events in a video shared on social media platforms.

Kerry Schmidt later clarified that the male driver was hit by a passing pickup truck while attempting to get back into his ill-fated vehicle.

The aftermath of the collision bore a grim scene, undoubtedly. A local resident aged 63 from Barrie was declared dead on the spot by the responding officials. His copassenger, luckily enough, escaped the dire situation without any physical harm.

Furthermore, the driver and the passenger of the instigating pickup truck got away unhurt from the calamitous accident as well.

In the wake of the accident, the area encapsulating the crash site remained closed off for nearly six hours to allow thorough investigation by the police. The stretch of road has since been made accessible to the public.

While closure is sought in the aftermath of the tragedy, the investigation persists as officials urge those who might possess dash cam footage of the incident to step forward.

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