Fatal Minnesota SUV Collision Kills Two Children, Injures Two in Amish Buggy Tragedy


In a tragic incident that took place in southern Minnesota, two children lost their lives and another two sustained injuries due to a calamitous vehicular accident on Monday morning. An SUV collided into a quaint, horse-pulled Amish buggy, resulting in this unfortunate event.

The accident reportedly took place on County Road 1 in Fillmore County a few minutes prior to 8:25 a.m. The buggy and the SUV, moving in similar directions, crashed into each other. The four occupants of the buggy – all siblings and residents of the nearby rural area of Stewartville – fell victim to this fatality.

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The deceased children, Irma Miller aged 11 and her younger sister Wilma Miller, just 7, were victims of this unfortunate collision. The surviving Miller siblings, Alan, 9 and Rose, 13, were swiftly moved to a local hospital for medical treatment. At present, there lies ambiguity involving the status of the injured children’s conditions.

As of Tuesday, the case was being thoroughly investigated by authorities and no arrests had been made. This heartbreaking accident poses as the second instance within a week where children riding in an Amish buggy have been killed. Last week, on the 20th of September, a vehicle accident in Alexandria, New York led to the loss of two young lives aged 1 and 3, drawing further light on the dire need for improved road safety in rural areas.