Fatal Crash: Military Jet Strike Kills Five-Year-Old in Acrobatic Exercise Tragedy


In a tragic incident during an aerial acrobatic exercise in Turin, a five-year-old girl was killed upon the crash of an Italian military jet. The pilot, who miraculously survived the unforeseen crisis, was captured in a video ejecting and parachuting moments before the jet impacted the earth, leading to a massive fire near Turin Caselle Airport.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni heartbreakingly identified the young victim as Laura Origliasso. A tangible sorrow could be sensed in Meloni’s words on social media as she expressed profound sadness, essentially “speechless” at the unpleasant news of Laura’s death. The tragedy further intensified with Laura’s brother in serious injury and the parents suffering from burns.

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Terms as a “terrible tragedy” by Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, the footage captured at the scene was a chilling sight. Located near Turin’s main airport, the filmed scene bore witness to nine aircrafts gaining altitude, shifting in two sleek formations. Suddenly, one aircraft deviated, plummeted, and fell out of the sky. As the plane startled towards the ground, the pilot was shown to parachute in a quick escape, amidst the rising plumes of thick black smoke.

An early investigation into the catastrophe, based on local Italian media reports, hinted at a possible bird strike scenario. It was suggested that the aircraft could have collided with a flock of birds, possibly causing one to infiltrate the engine, leading to a catastrophic engine failure.

The crashed jet belonged to the Frecce Tricolori demonstration team, who were scheduled to feature in an event celebrating a century of the Italian air force on the upcoming Sunday. Following the tragic incident, the event was called off.

In light of the heartbreaking event, Defence Minister Guido Crosetto expressed his condolences to the afflicted family. He reassured that every possible resource and skill were set in motion to handle the emergency and offer support to the individuals involved. Mr. Salvini echoed the sentiment confirming the pilot’s last-minute escape by parachute.