Fatal Car Crash Under Investigation in Plympton, NS


Law enforcement authorities from the Digby RCMP are currently engaged in the investigation of a fatal single-vehicle accident that took place in Plympton, NS.

A grim scene met the officers who responded to the emergency call concerning a vehicular accident on Highway 101 in Plympton. With the dawn yet to break at around 4:15 am on a Saturday, they arrived on the scene, accompanied by fire and EHS services.

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Presented with a chilling tableau, the officers discovered a Subaru Legacy overturned in a ditch, swallowed wholly by aggressive crimson flames. Tragically, the only occupant of the vehicle, the driver, was found within the car. Despite the valiant efforts of the responders, the individual was pronounced dead on the scene.

Highway 101 observed a significant closure between the lengths of French Road and North Range Cross Road in Plympton. This was necessary to grant a collision analyst the space and time to conduct a comprehensive examination of the crash scene, capturing the necessary details to further the ongoing investigation.

As the authorities continue their probe into the tragedy, they have enlisted additional support from the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner Service. This venture into uncovering the truth behind this fatal accident highlights the resolve and dedication of the Digby RCMP.

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