Fatal Botulism Outbreak Looms Over France, Wine Bar Suspected as Source


The specter of a potential botulism outbreak is looming over France as public health authorities grapple with 10 suspected cases, including three among Canadian visitors to the region. Tragically, one of these individuals – who does not hail from Canada – has already succumbed to the ailment. Eight others are presently under hospital care, as reported by French health officials.

A link is suspected between the outbreak and the Tchin Tchin Wine Bar, a dining establishment situated near a coveted tourism hotspot close to the Rugby World Cup 2023 fan zone in Bordeaux. It is believed that the source of the infection may be tainted sardines served at the restaurant, though other food items cannot be firmly ruled out at this point.

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Botulism is a serious, albeit rare, infection brought about by toxins that are produced by a particular strain of bacteria. Human carriers of the disease typically contract it after consuming food or liquids laced with the harmful toxin.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has revealed that all individuals believed to be racked with botulism dined at the Tchin Tchin Wine Bar anytime between Sep. 4 and 10. PHAC has thus issued an advisory for all visitors to France who dined at the aforementioned establishment during the specified dates to be vigilant for a range of symptoms and promptly seek immediate medical intervention at their onset.

The symptoms to be watched for range from nausea, vomiting, fatigue, constipation to blurred or double vision, drooping eyelids, difficulty in swallowing, and dry mouth. Further, the disease can also result in respiratory failure and paralysis. Though the onset of these symptoms can be quite rapid, in some instances, it may take up to eight days for them to manifest, after which the individual can become severely ill warranting immediate hospitalization.

The PHAC has underscored that while hospitalization may lead to recovery, severe outcomes, including death, remain a distinct possibility.

In a bid to address and contain the suspected outbreak, the Canadian health agency is in collaboration with its international counterparts including Santé Publique France, underscoring the global collaboration warranted in such serious health scenarios.