Fatal Boat Capsizing on St. Lawrence River Prompts Safety Warnings from Authorities


In a tragic incident on the St. Lawrence River, one individual lost their life as a result of a boat capsizing. The event, initially reported as a “marine collision” by authorities, transpired on a Saturday morning, around 8 am near Butternut Bay, situated west of Brockville, Ontario. Local law enforcement agencies including the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and Brockville police promptly attended the situation.

Authorities were alerted to the crisis when a boat was spotted overturned in the water. Two passengers were aboard the capsized vessel. Tragically, a 64-year-old resident from Leeds and the Thousand Islands Township was declared dead at the site. The second passenger was transported to a nearby hospital; however, their condition remains unknown.

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The identity of the deceased individual has not yet been disclosed. Recounting the incident, local resident Darlene Francis described the alarming scene, marked by the simultaneous blaring of ambulance, police, and fire sirens. Francis admitted her surprise when realizing the source of the commotion was the usually placid river.

An eyewitness, choosing to remain anonymous, informed that first responders had transported the deceased victim to the Brockville boat launch, where CPR was performed. It is also reported that a local resident assisted the rescue efforts.

In the wake of the unfortunate incident, authorities, including OPP, continue to caution boaters on the importance of verifying the safety equipment before venturing out into the water. The checklist should include personal floatation devices and taking note of local conditions can augment safety.

The case still remains under active investigation, with OPP Leeds detachment leading the inquiry. Individuals who happened to witness the incident are urged to reach out to the OPP’s Leeds via their contact.

This was confirmed in a subsequent tweet from the OPP East Region, which stated “1 fatality confirmed. Incident under investigation by OPP” and encouraged any potential witnesses to come forward with information. However, no further information has been made available at this time.