Fat Bear Week Contest Commences amid Government Shutdown Concerns


The much-anticipated annual Fat Bear Week contest has finally commenced!

Following a frenzy of last-minute negotiations among politicians in Washington striving to ensure the continuous operation of federal government services through mid-November, the event that commends the chunky lodgers at Katmai National Park & Preserve in Alaska can proceed without interruption.

Despite concerns that a government shutdown could disrupt Fat Bear Week, an interim funding solution has brought relief to bear enthusiasts globally. They can now concentrate on the crucial voting process: selecting the champion among Katmai’s well-nourished bears.

The line-up of twelve contestants was unveiled on Monday, 7 p.m. EDT. Public voting will commence at noon on Wednesday, and continue through to October 10 according to the information provided on the official Katmai page dedicated to the contest.

The contest, which garnered over a million votes in 2022, ultimately crowned the enormous 747 bear as the winner. Despite a minor cheating scandal causing some turbulence in the voting process, 747 soared to victory.

Modelled after the NCAA basketball brackets, the Fat Bear Week contest will feature a tournament-style bracket, formulated by rangers, where individual bears will compete for public votes to advance to each subsequent round.

Among the contenders for the 2023 contest are bears of varying shapes, sizes, and characters, including the crowd’s favorite Otis, the leisurely fish catcher, and Chunk, the considerably filled male bear.

Providing a captivating deep-dive into the lives of these bears, Fat Bear Week offers an interesting insight into their search for sustenance across Alaskan rivers and streams in their quest to store enough fat for their winter hibernation.

The substantial diet these fellow creatures must endure over six months to survive their deep winter slumber offers a fascinating contrast to our own lifestyles. Indeed, creature behaviors, whether related to sustenance strategies in wilderness parklands or to gaming strategies in the glittering halls of online casinos, can make for equally captivating subject matter.

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