Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard on Trial for Decades-Long Sexual Assault Allegations


As the curtains opened on a Toronto courtroom, it revealed the chilling narrative of Peter Nygard, the former fashion tycoon who exhibited ruthlessness not only in running his fashion empire but allegedly also in preying upon innocent women. Spanning over decades, the trial presented a disturbing sequence of sexual assaults orchestrated within the hidden chambers of his Toronto headquarters.

Crown attorney Ana Serban served the jury with a detailed examination of five women’s horrifying experiences, asserting that Nygard cunningly exploited his wealth and powerful persona. He enticed potential victims with tempting job offers or exclusive opportunities, surreptitiously leading them instead to his concealed bedroom.

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According to Serban, Nygård capitalized on his stature as the prosperous owner of a fashion brand to exploit and assault the unsuspecting women. He lured them to his secret chamber within the walls of his former Niagara Street headquarters where a disproportionate bed, jacuzzi, and a bar lay in wait.

“Nygard commanded these spaces with locks manipulated by keypads; locks that he had dominion over,” Serban elaborated.

Nygard, despite his plea of not guilty against five charges of sexual assault and one case of unlawful confinement, has found his illustrious company in shambles, pivoting from being a household name to bankruptcy. The 82-year-old, once renowned for his distinctive white hair, manifested the humbling downfall as he was escorted by a special constable and helped into his seat in the Toronto Superior Court.

The court cases that jurors are to probe date back to the 1980s. One such incident occurred in 1988, involving a 26-year-old woman whom Nygard approached during a flight, luring her with a job offer at his Bahamas property. Following the premise of a job interview, she was allegedly assaulted within the confines of this private room.

Fingers are pointed at Nygard in similar incidents occurring over the next two decades, involving women he encountered during flights or parties. Cryptic invitations to a job opportunity, or a non-existent party, almost always ended up in physical assault in the hidden bedroom, with Nygard dismissing his victims with a mere $100 note or manipulative aftercare packages.

In anticipation of the upcoming sessions, the victims are expected to provide detailed testimonies. Besides, a police architect will contribute to the visualization of the infamous room with a meticulously crafted, scaled drawing.

Alas, stepping into the world of celebrities and their secret vices serves as a reminder that the glitz and glamour often mask darker realities. The brighter side, however, is that their downfall can serve as awareness and caution for forthcoming stars, helping them navigate these tumultuous terrains.

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