Farmers Having A Difficult Time Producing Quality Crops Due To Drought


It rained quite a bit on Saturday, but even then, farmers need a little more than that to save their withering crops.

Anand Aujlay, owner of Didar Berry Farm, Delta, said the farm is having a difficult time producing the high-quality berries they are known for in 2021.

Extreme heat, which has been around for quite a while, had caused dryness forcing the farm to send some workers home. The drought has also kept customers away from the farm, putting him in a difficult position in business terms.

Metro Vancouver experienced a short burst of downpour last Saturday, but Environment Canada stated it is yet to work out if this was enough to end the current drought.

Weather it did its trick or not, John Clague, the SFU’s earth science professor said it will take much more than Saturday’s rain to make a lasting difference.

More rain is expected in Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver this week.


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