Far-Right Activist Kyle Chapman Faces Firearms Charges in New Zealand


A high-profile activist associated with far-right ideologies in New Zealand, Kyle Chapman, faces charges associated with the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

Kyle Chapman, previously the leader of the far-right nationalist organization, the National Front, was apprehended post the execution of a search warrant at his Christchurch residence on September 8, as reported by a police representative. At 52 years-old, the charges laid against Chapman involve the illegal ownership of firearms and ammunition.

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The ex-right-wing activist is scheduled to return to the Christchurch District Court on September 28.

The police department’s representative declined to comment further, citing the ongoing court case as the reason.

Efforts to elicit a response from Chapman have been set in motion. Notably, he shared on Facebook that he had been “raided and arrested”. He further expressed gratitude for not being detained but anticipated potential imprisonment in the future.

Sue Grey, a lawyer, informed that Chapman sought advice related to the Bill of Rights post his arrest. Grey shared that Chapman was granted bail during his court hearing at the Christchurch District Court where he had received aid from an on-duty solicitor.