Fantom’s Meteoric Rise in Crypto World Amid Sonic Upgrade Announcement


Investors are currently riding a high roller coaster with giddy delight as Fantom, a Layer 1 token, continues to ascend at an impressive rate in the volatile field of cryptocurrencies. Against the backdrop of a somewhat dulled market, where heavy hitters like Bitcoin had been languishing in a stagnated price environs, the recent turn of events invigorated the crypto landscape.

Quite remarkably, Fantom, within the past week, has emerged as an outstanding performer in this quixotic arena. It displayed an impressive spike in price, a hefty 26 percent ascent in just the preceding seven days. The last 24 hours were particularly eventful, with the token soaring by a fantastic 15 percent.

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Shining a light on the catalyst that sparked this unprecedented upsurge, the announcement of the Sonic upgrade under the aegis of the Fantom Foundation blew fresh wind into Fantom’s sails. Sonic, eagerly awaited by many, is probing into a technology stack upgrade for Fantom and is poised to deliver enhancements in scalability, neatly side-stepping potentially disruptive hard forks.

Only recently, the Fantom Foundation peeled back the curtains on their eagerly anticipated upcoming layer-1 Sonic Network. The expectations within the Fantom community are palpable, with the new blockchain network set to tap into broad swaths of liquidity, users, and protocols from Ethereum and beyond via a native layer-2 bridge.

With a new token in the works, aptly tagged as ‘S’, it appears Fantom is poised to further embark on this upward trajectory. Users of FTM tokens, as unveiled in a recent memo, have the option to migrate to Sonic’s token on a one-to-one ratio. This, however, will be subject to an upcoming governance vote. The Fantom Foundation envisages a bi-directional migration process, a bridge to enable bi-directional swaps between $FTM and $S, allowing a smooth transition onto the Sonic platform for current Opera network participants.

Dishing out more details, the Fantom Foundation noted that the new S token supply would mirror that of FTM. This is engineered to ease the upcoming token migration process, following the launch of the Sonic chain. Notably, the announcement concerning the Sonic Network on May 17 significantly coincided with a substantial surge in the Fantom price.

In the present moment, the Fantom price hovers around the $0.908 mark, showcasing an increase of nearly 15% over the past 24 hours. Fantom’s prospects are looking bright, with price forecasts indicating that it may soon be approaching the coveted $1 mark in the daily timeframe. Investors, speculators, and enthusiasts alike will be bracing for impact as they anticipate where this prodigious crypto journey will venture next.