Family Witnesses Brutal Murder of Loved One Amidst Gang Dispute in Palmerston North


In an appalling act of violence, Hori Gage was slain in a shooting in Palmerston North in August, a chilling sight witnessed by his partner and their young children. The 27-year-old was brutally shot while in the family vehicle parked outside a Highbury apartment. The authorities revealed that Gage’s family, including his partner, Amythyst Tukaki, and their children, reluctantly observed his untimely murder.

Gage’s 11-year-old son, bolstered by Tukaki, tried to protect Gage as the firearm was menacingly aimed at him. Tukaki, in her statement, stressed that Gage was much more than just a member of the Mongrel Mob – he was a father, partner, brother, son, uncle, and friend. She went on to express that the family didn’t deserve to watch such a horrifying incident engulf their peaceful lives.

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Joining hands with the police, Tukaki continues to urge potential witnesses to come forward with any valuable information to aid the investigation in this heinous crime. The grief-stricken partner lamented on their 13-year-long companionship, emphasizing the painful void created in the lives of her and their four children by Gage’s absence. She expressed her fervent hope that no other families should endure such an atrocity.

Following the assault, the perpetrator fled the scene at speed in a Nissan Teana, driving in tandem with two other vehicles before intentionally setting the Nissan on fire on Aranui Rd. The remaining two vehicles, a silver SsangYong Rexton and a silver Subaru Legacy station wagon, were subsequently located and confiscated by the police for forensic analysis.

Investigators are now seeking anyone who may have noticed these vehicles near Aranui Rd and Gillespie’s Line around the time of the murder to approach them.

Gage was a patched member of the Mongrel Mob, and the police suspect his murder is connected to a dispute at a local Palmerston North tavern on August 4. Earlier that day, a Black Power member was brutally attacked, leading to the loss of a finger, in retaliation for the murder of Palmerston North Mob member Raniel Kiu in May. This retaliatory attack occurred two days prior to Gage’s murder, after a concert at a bar on Main St.

Amidst the escalating tension, an unidentified gang member revealed that gang leaders were actively working to maintain peace among their Palmerston North members following the shocking demise of Gage.