After servicing the community for over 18 years, The Family Resource Centre, housing the SNAP program (STOP NOW AND PLAN), is at a critical stage. It is reaching out to government, corporate and community sources for financial support. The program is mandated by Crime Prevention Canada for five years and our funding is quickly coming to an end. Without funding, the SNAP program will be forced to terminate services for West Island families past, present and future permanently.

The program, conceived by the Child Development Institute in Toronto, has evolved into an internationally recognized model for teaching troubled children and their parents effective emotion-regulation, self-control and problem-solving. Since its inception in 2015, the program has serviced over 200 families in desperate need of assistance. The SNAP team, in its limited capacity, has already begun the process of trying to find sustainability. Having their fingers on the pulse of the community, they uniquely understand the need for continued services as well as the expansion of their client base. Strides have been made, by the organization, in regards to the visibility and reputation of the program but sustainability remains intangible.

“To say the very least, the 2017-2018 fiscal year was a distinctly pivotal time. Our hope for the 2018-2019 year is to solidify the organization’s reputation and position within the community. The organization went through some significant changes, both in staffing and in overall direction. The coming year will be one of transformation. Thankfully, SNAP, our flagship program continues to raise the opinion and credibility of our organization. Two full-time summer employees from Human Resources Development Canada will be tasked with the creation and possible implementation of new programs geared to our organizational mandate. One of which will be geared towards appropriate physical outlets for children labelled as “behavioural’’ within the school setting. Current partnerships with community organizations need to be strengthened as well as the building of new bonds will be priorities.

I find myself greatly looking forward to the opportunity of helping the organization grow to new and exciting heights. Of course, that would not be possible without the continued motivation, expertise, cooperation and focus of the exceptional group of SNAP – Ouest-de-l’Ile OFFICE : (514)675-7775 SNAPWESTISLAND@GMAIL.COM individuals I am privileged to be surrounded by. Together, our intention is to effectively address the needs of our community while setting ourselves apart as a beacon of caring and professionalism.” says Ron Swan, Director of the Family Resource Centre.

“When we started the SNAP program, I was very concerned that my daughter didn’t really understand personal boundaries with other people. I knew it was already causing her social troubles with her peers who were often more than put off by her behaviour. I also had a ton to learn as a parent. I still feel that way and always want to keep improving to guide my daughter through her formative years. I can’t tell you how many times I had that “Ah Ha!” moment when I realized the small, yet potentially enormous mistakes I was making in raising a respectful, sweet and responsible daughter, one who is also strong enough to deal with whatever comes at her in life. SNAP is every bit as much about how we parent, perhaps even more, than how our kids behave. If we model to them properly, as we are taught at SNAP, and we display patience with our children, then they will most likely do the same as they grow up. I was concerned at first of the potential shame of having a child in a behaviour program, but the incredible staff at SNAP put us at ease right away. Months later I feel like I am always using my SNAP and I am better for it and so is my daughter.” – says a SNAP parent graduate.

Our partnership and relationships with other community organizations have contributed to the improvement and quality of life of our families by word of mouth and recommendations for other families to participate in the Family Resource Centre services. That is why we need your help. For more information on the organization’s services or to inquire about possible funding possibilities, please do not hesitate to contact the organization directly at 514.675.7775.

About The Family Resource Centre

FRC’s mission is to provide a variety of services which aim to improve the dynamic for families experiencing social, behavioural, and academic difficulties. We envision a community where individuals work together to develop the necessary skills that allow them to reach their full potential as human beings. Our goal is to build community success, one family at a time.


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