Family Of 7-Year-Old Aaliyah Rosa Demand Appeal After Acquittal Of Mother


Plastered on the walls of Steve Rosa’s home are pictures of smiling Aaliyah Rosa.

He noted that Rosa was full of life, always ready to go and very well loved by family and friends.

Senior Rosa last saw his daughter on the 22nd of July, 2018, when he left her with the mother, Kerryann Lewis, for a scheduled stay. She was allowed two unsupervised visits with the child each week back then.

Her body was discovered the same evening at the mother’s apartment. On the 3rd of September, A Supreme Court determined that she was guilty of murder in the first.

Last Tuesday, the father spoke with local media, expressing his disappointment at the turn of events. He noted that he felt confused and angry when the judge read the not guilty verdict, adding that he just did not understand it.

In her judgement, the court detailed how the child’s body was discovered next to an ensuite bathtub with two different drugs in her bloodstream. One of the drugs was Ativan, a prescription that the father had filled the very morning.

The court added that the mother gave drugs to the child, but she had not intended to kill her. The court also determined that a pre-existing condition medically known as arrested hydrocephalus, may have been a contributing factor in the child death.

It was also determined that the child had injuries to the neck and head, but there wasn’t evidence to explain how and when they occurred.

The father stated that he would like the court to find someone accountable for the child’s death.

The family set up a petition, that thousands have signed, to have the case appealed. Steve noted that the verdict of the case has impacted everyone who knew the child.

The crown has a month to file an appeal. B.C’s prosecution noted that it is currently reviewing the court’s ruling, but not decision has been reached as yet.


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