Family Members Arrested in Shocking Child Murder Case Upon Return to UK


In a series of shocking events that unfolded post the discovery of the lifeless body of Sara Sharif, a 10-year-old girl, three close family members are being held on grounds of suspicion of her murder. The individuals detained by police, who happen to be Sara’s father Urfan Sharif, 41, her stepmother Beinash Batool, 29, and her uncle Faisal Malik, 28, were intercepted upon their return to the UK from Pakistan.

Their arrest took place shortly after they disembarked from their Dubai flight around 19:45 BST at the Gatwick Airport. As of now, it is not clear the exact charges they will face as they are awaiting questioning in custody.

The child’s horrendous demise had occurred on August 10, whereupon her mutilated corpse was discovered at her residence in Woking. A chilling detail of the case points to the fact that the trio implicated for her murder exited the UK for Pakistan, a day before the police stumbled upon the girl’s devastating fate. The autopsy revealed disturbing details – Sara had been subjected to multiple and far-reaching injuries.

Being kept updated on the unraveling of events, Sara’s mother Olga Sharif, is being provided assistance by Surrey Police. Upon the arrest of the three individuals, she voiced her feelings in an interview with the Sun newspaper. Relieved yet mindful of the journey towards justice, she expressed her emotions by saying that even though a weight has been lifted off her shoulders, she still anticipates closure.

As per Surrey police, the ongoing investigation has been challenging and multi-dimensional, evolving at an alarming speed. Witnesses reported seeing law enforcement personnel board the plane at the time of the trio’s arrest, and police vehicles subsequently departing the terminal.

The suspects had managed to charter a flight from Sialkot, Pakistan to Dubai early Wednesday morning, having traveled voluntarily according to Pakistan Police.

At this point, Sara’s five siblings, ranging from ages one to 13, who accompanied the trio to Pakistan, remain in a governmental care facility within the country. Their location was traced back to Jhelum, northeastern Pakistan – they were discovered at the residence of Mr. Sharif’s father.

Two days before Sara’s body was discovered, Mr. Sharif made attempts to book one-way tickets for himself and the rest of the family to Pakistan. However, later, Mr. Sharif triggered an alarm by reaching out to UK emergency services soon after they landed in Islamabad on August 10. This act led Surrey Police straight to their deserted family home and Sara’s tragic remains.

Igniting collective international efforts via Interpol, authorities in Pakistan assisted Surrey detectives in locating the trio. Beinash Batool, releasing a public video statement, claimed that they went into hiding owing to their fear of being tortured or killed by the Pakistani police. They also alleged harassment of their other family members and confirmed their willingness to cooperate with UK authorities. Urfan Sharif, however, remained silent in the video.

Sara’s five siblings, as confirmed by grandfather Muhammad Sharif, had been residing in his home in Jhelum since landing in Pakistan. Post a court hearing last Tuesday, the siblings were moved to a government-operated childcare facility, without any clarification about the duration they would stay there.


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