Family Injured by Traumatized Dog Following Domestic Dispute


In a tragic turn of events, a shar pei cross pit bull named Colicchi turned on its family, causing grave injuries to its household members. The attack occurred within the familial cocoon of the dog’s home at Adelaide’s inner north last week, an argument between siblings thought to be the spark igniting this traumatic incident.

A brother, aged 42, and sister, aged 39, bore the brunt of their pet’s fury, both needing critical medical care following the attack. The fear that he would lose his hand consumed the man, while the woman’s injuries were severe enough to require multiple surgeries. The woman’s youngest offspring, a six-year-old, sought refuge in the bathroom, while a domestic battle raged outside, with the siblings forced to use boiling water in their desperation to fend off their pet.

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The decision to euthanise the dog was subsequently made.

While attempting to comprehend this sudden shift in the dog’s behaviour, it was disclosed that Colicchi himself had been subject to a ruthless attack. The canine and his female owner were reportedly assaulted by a man brandishing a knife.

The animal had suffered extensive injuries, enduring over 15 stab wounds, necessitating immediate surgical intervention to save his life. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), Colicchi’s injuries were among the most severe encountered by their inspectors. The association speculated that such ghastly experiences could likely shape the animal’s future behaviour.

Many assume that domestic commotion, such as yelling, may have instigated Colicchi’s violent response, pointing to potential trauma-induced behaviour.

The shocking attack began on the ground, with the 39-year-old woman thought to be the first victim of her pet’s wrath. Family accounts detailed a horrifying scene, with the dog dragging the woman around. The fear was palpable as she managed to break free and contain the dog within a bedroom. The strength of the dog, revealed through its futile attempts to open the door with its teeth, reflects the severity of the situation.