Fallen Hero Constable Northrup Honored with Memorial Park Dedication


In the quiet town where he harboured lifelong ambitions of serving and protecting, the memory of Devon Northrup will forever echo. The life of this dedicated constable was tragically cut short, but the spirit that spurred his dream career persists, honoured by the very community he vowed to safeguard.

On a sombre Monday, the town of Bradford West Gwillimbury paid homage to their cherished officer. The veil lifted to reveal a heartfelt tribute, the Devon Northrup Memorial Park, standing in solemn commemoration of a hero whose service ended far too soon, in the Fall of 2022.

“It seems a great pity to be gathered here under such tragic circumstances,” acknowledged Chief John Van Dyke of the South Simcoe Police Service. “A dark day for our service indeed. However, what soothes my sorrow is the overwhelming support from the community and Bradford’s kind gesture of naming this park after Devon. A tribute, nobly fitting for a truly remarkable officer.”

A crowd swelled on the park grounds that Monday afternoon, unified in their collective mourning and respect. Interwoven within this intimate multitude was Northrup’s own family. His proud parents stood resolute, present for this melancholy occasion that commenced with a poignant procession led by the colour guard.

Relaying his thoughts to the multitude, Devon’s father, Ron, painted a sombre portrait of his son’s unwavering dedication to his duty. “Devon’s joy was found in the service he committed himself to, and he was cherished for it,” he said. “A lifetime of memories, 33 years of a life lived passionately and in service of others, remains alive within us all.”

Northrup succumbed to his call of duty on October 11, 2022, alongside fellow Constable, Morgan Russell, whilst responding to a distress call. Earlier this year, Russell’s dedication had been immortalised with the renaming of an Innisfil community centre.

Van Dyke underscored Russell’s adherence to South Simcoe Police Service’s motto of ‘Protect with courage. Serve with compassion.’ Speaking of Northrup, the Chief asserted, “Devon was deeply committed to his duty. He was an exemplary officer, always ready to take an extra step whether it be for the emergency response or ceremonial unit. The values we hold dear were ones he demonstrated each day.”


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