Fallen Firefighter Honored; Community Supports Daughters with GoFundMe Campaign


In the cozy Sts’ailus First Nation community near Agassiz, the gaping void once filled with the vibrant spirit of Blain Sonnenberg is irreplaceable. As a loving father of seven-year-old Brooklyn and four-year-old Trezley, his pride in his daughters was palpable.

His doting eyes, nurturing touch, and the melody of his laugh while lost in a playful moment with them are cherished memories. The joy he found in the simplest gestures spoke volumes of his dedication as a father.

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At age 27, Sonnenberg discovered his life’s calling – tackling the infernos that threatened his homeland. Working as a wildland firefighter for a private company under provincial contract, he relished his newfound profession. He had previously tried his hand at various jobs — logging, roofing, however, none of them ignited his passion quite like firefighting.

In the word’s of his great aunt Collette Jones, he was a savior to the homes, lives, and creatures teetering on the brink of annihilation in the engulfing flames. A stark contrast from the laborious efforts of logging and roofing, firefighting set his spirit alight.

However, a week ago on Tuesday, the flames of passion were extinguished prematurely. Tragedy struck when a collision involved his pickup and a semi-truck took the lives of Sonnenberg and three other firefighters.

The incalculable loss leaves the loved ones grappling with a reality that is too bitter to ingest. The heartbreaking narrative of his life abruptly ended, leaving a legacy marred by the wilderness of an untamed inferno.

This recent Saturday, the community rallied to pay tribute to their fallen hero. Amid a tearful procession, fire trucks spanned the eastern Fraser Valley, their respectful salute piercing the air.

Finally, Sonnenberg’s journey ended in the traditional service of the Sts’ailus First Nation. Amid the drumbeats and melancholic melodies, his family attempted to find solace, attempting to assuage their grief through the vibrance of their cultural legacy.

Now, the family’s focus is on the two little girls robbed of their doting father. A GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to help Sonnenberg’s daughters and support their mother as they transition into this challenging phase.

In spite of the gaping void left by Sonnenberg, his family finds comfort in their cherished memories of a proud father and a resolute firefighter. For them, Sonnenberg’s love for family will forever remain a beacon guiding their path forward.

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