Fairview terminus to stay put, for now


by Rhonda Massad

After a preliminary study by AECOM over the past year, to decide if the terminus should be revamped or moved, the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is leaning towards keeping  the Fairview terminus location in place.  The lease ends this November 2016, negotiations are still underway to determine the length of the new lease.

Concerns expressed by transit users on the location that has been saturated for some time,  include a lack of space for buses and cars that share the same entrance to the shopping mall making it congested for pedestrians.

“I hope they will expand and take the regular vehicles out of the equation,” transit user Jeremy Sevy said, “I can not really see how they will change things though, there simply is not that much room to expand.”

When the 24 hour terminus was opened in 1992 it served 11 bus routes. Today it serves 19. There are also 11 bus stops that share the location accounting for the more than 18,000 displacements every day.  With an increase in public transit use the Fairview stop now has buses parking on Brunswick with transit users crossing the six lane boulevard to get to their bus.


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