Extreme Heat Wave Set to Scorch Toronto, Warns Environment Canada


Brace yourselves, inhabitants of the Greater Toronto Area, as a significant heat wave, referred to as a “heat event”, is about to sweep the region, propelling temperatures to reach the heights of 40 degrees Celsius when factoring in the humidity.

Environment Canada, the nation’s weather watchdog, has issued a statement anticipating the onset of the scorching wave to be Sunday, projecting its duration to be anywhere from three to five days. The heated air mass is predicted to invade the territory as the week commences, relentlessly persisting until Wednesday.

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While overnight temperatures are expected to descend slightly, allowing some temporary respite, they will still not fall within the parameters of warning criteria in certain areas. The weather service cautions that the combination of high daytime temperatures and oppressive humidex levels will make this September’s early days uncommonly hot.

Increased humidity levels also carry implications beyond discomfort; air quality might deteriorate, emphasizing the potential dangers of this impending heat event. Daytime temperatures are projected to peak at around 30 degrees Celsius, but when combined with the humidity index, the heat will feel equivalent to a sweltering 35-40 degrees Celsius.

Aware of the inherent risks, Environment Canada advises residents to maintain hydration and conduct regular checks on vulnerable family members and friends, hinting at potential adverse health effects due to the heatwave.

This abrupt surge in temperature is bound to stun the city’s residents, as there hasn’t been an instance of the temperature surpassing 30 degrees Celsius hitherto in August. While the expectation is for around four or five such sultry days in the month of August, this year has bucked the trend with none.

Speaking to this unusual trend, ECCC Senior Climatologist David Phillips stated, “It’s definitely been on the coolish and wetish side — almost half the days this summer have been wet.” He added that over the course of the summer, Toronto has only experienced eight instances of temperatures exceeding the 30 degrees Celsius marks.