Explore Group Stepping Up to Sustain Key Auckland Ferry Routes This October


This October in Auckland, Explore Group, the new operator of several major ferry routes, plans to offer commuters a reliable service. Having secured operations for the Bayswater and Birkenhead/Te Onewa Northcote Point ferry routes, they will fill the gap left by Fullers360, the former operator who recently abandoned these three routes.

With a commitment to superior execution in all aspects of operation, the Managing Director of Explore Group, William Goodfellow, showcased his confidence in assuming the responsibility of these routes.

“Everything we undertake focuses on doing it right. We’re making strategic investments and putting in place the robust and reliable systems necessary to provide a truly committed, service-oriented approach,” he proclaimed.

In affirming this commitment, Goodfellow shared the company’s future ambitions, including plans to enhance their ferry services.

“Consistency and credibility are of paramount importance to us. As we aim to fulfill our promises and ensure unwavering reliability, we also intend to augment our services in due course,” Goodfellow stated.

In anticipation of the new venture, the company will deploy Discovery IV temporarily from their fleet in the Bay of Islands. Afterward, they will introduce a nearly new vessel from their Australian operation to serve in Auckland.

The news was welcomed by Auckland councillor Richard Hills, who expressed his relief that Auckland Transport was able to secure a new operator for these important routes. There had been mounting concern surrounding the continuation of services.

“For some time, fear was mounting amongst many that these crucial services would come to an end. However, both we and Auckland Transport were highly motivated to secure an operator,” Hills shared. The councillor happily confirmed that they managed to secure an operator right on time before the October 1 switchover, bringing reassurance to the community it serves.

Hills further emphasized the vital influence of the community’s enthusiasm for ferry services in locking down a new operator for the routes.


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