Experts Predict Bitcoin May Test $40k Before Rebound


Bitcoin’s trajectory is always a topic of intense debate and speculation. In a recent discussion, Roundtable anchor Rob Nelson and Rebecca Chow, the head of investment research at ViaBTC Capital, explored the potential movements of Bitcoin’s price in the coming months.

Rob Nelson kicked off the discussion by asking Rebecca Chow how far Bitcoin might drop before rebounding. Nelson expressed his skepticism about Bitcoin falling below $50,000, highlighting the uncertainty and unpredictability of the market. “Nobody knows for sure,” Nelson noted, urging Chow to share her insights without guaranteeing specific numbers.

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Rebecca Chow responded with cautious optimism, drawing on analysis from ViaBTC Capital’s research team. According to their findings, there remains a demand zone in the $40,000 to $45,000 region. Chow suggested that Bitcoin might test these lower levels before beginning its ascent again. “There’s a possibility that Bitcoin may go there before going up,” she stated, acknowledging the inherent uncertainties of the market.

Nelson then turned the conversation toward the timeline for recovery, probing whether Bitcoin might start climbing again within the next month or two. He also questioned whether this potential rise would be steady, possibly extending to the end of the year.

Chow shared a hopeful outlook, aligning with the optimistic sentiments prevalent among many investors. However, she also cautioned against overconfidence, noting that market trends often defy collective expectations. “That’s what we hope,” she remarked, highlighting the unpredictable nature of Bitcoin’s price movements.