Experience Luxury Living in British Columbia’s Priciest Homes


British Columbia is a veritable playground of exquisite homes, sizzling with luxury real estate that ranks among the highest in the nation. A kingdom of stunning properties, the decadence on offer ranges from sprawling palatial mansions furnished with private elevators and indoor pools, to avant-garde architectural marvels boasting sleek infinity pools. Canadian skiers might be drawn to the opulence awaiting in lush ski chalets, nestled comfortably in B.C.’s most prestigious resort towns.

Estate brokerage Zoocasa has handpicked a list of these multimillion-dollar treasures predominantly found in Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Whistler. This array of properties displays the zenith of grandeur inherent to each locale, all of which are firmly anchored within the heart of the country’s luxury housing market.

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Let’s begin with a $35,888,000 crown jewel located at 730 Fairmile Road, West Vancouver. This royal abode houses eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, spanning a generous 14,759 square feet. This extravagant residence is complete with an elevator, a full-size outdoor sports court and an indoor pool to dive into.

Next, 1188 West 55th Avenue in Vancouver presents for $28,880,000. This sprawling luxury estate, boasting a dozen baths and eight bedrooms also comes with a mini-golf putting green and a Japanese Zen garden replete with a koi pond. Picture an indoor pool, elevator, full tennis court, all encased within a palatial 15,371 square foot haven.

The exquisite list continues highlighting properties worth many millions. Whether you’ve got the means to invest or simply wish to peep into the world of luxury real estate for a moment, these properties are a true testament to an affluent lifestyle.

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