Excel and Saskatchewan Host Para-Athletic Day Celebrating Diversity in Sport


In a remarkable celebration of diversity and sport, Excel and the Saskatchewan Wheelchair Sport Association have announced their initiative to host a Para-Athletic Day on September 9. The aim of this initiative is to put a spotlight on the spectrum of opportunities that exist within Para-Athletics.

Chadon Dorsch, the esteemed Head Coach of Excel Athletika, shared insights about how their initial efforts to organize a coaching day for Para-Athletics alongside the Cyclones athletics team highlighted a significant need in this area. He discussed the scarcity of athletes and how Excel and Saskatchewan Wheelchair Sport Association became determined to address this gap.

Set to take place from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the impressive Canada Games Athletics Complex in Regina, the forthcoming Para-Athletic Day guarantees an inclusive experience for all. Jennifer Wood, the dedicated coach of Cyclones Athletics and Program Coordinator for Saskatchewan Wheelchair Sports Association, enthusiastically outlined that people with various physical disabilities will find something to participate in.

With athletics encompassing a wide range of categories and classifications, participants can have a limb deficiency, an intellectual impairment, or even a visual impairment. Wood emphasized that the day will feature a multitude of events, from jumps and throws to wheelchair racing and able-bodied running. Essentially, it encompasses all the experiences typical of a traditional track meet.

The event is set to host some of the top athletes from Saskatchewan’s Para sport scene. Among them will be Janz Stein, a celebrated Paralympian who qualified for the games in 2016 and 2020 and is now preparing for the 2024 Paris Paralympics. Stein expresses enthusiasm about this event’s potential to broaden societal acceptance and awareness for para sports.

Children as young as five years old are heartily invited to participate in the event. Wood’s message to potential young athletes is one of encouragement and support, stating the importance of finding their own sport and that they’ll find a community eager to back them up.

Echoing this sentiment, Dorsch expressed eagerness to welcome more participants into this tight-knit sporting community, stating, “We are one big family and we can’t wait to expand that family a little bit.”

Interested athletes are encouraged to find out more and register for this promising event.


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