Ex-Wrestler Rodimer Pleads Not Guilty to Murder at Las Vegas Halloween Party


In a courtroom presiding over the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, a former professional wrestler and two-time Republican congressional candidate for Nevada and Texas, refuted accusations of deadly misconduct on Wednesday. Daniel Rodimer, 45, pleaded not guilty to the murder charge, linked to the demise of an Idaho Falls man last year at a swanky strip hotel.

With the room abuzz, Rodimer marked his appearance in court by way of an arraignment, a spectacle that was brief yet consequential. His legal protectors, Richard Schonfeld and David Chesnoff, outlined their intentions to the state court judge. The attorneys pledged to challenge the reasonableness of Rodimer’s indictment in connection to the death that darkened a 2022 Halloween party, which claimed the life of Christopher Tapp.

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Amongst the flurry of flashbulbs, Chesnoff shared a defiant message to the throng of journalists stationed outside the courtroom walls. He punctuated his assertion that his client “vigorously denies any responsibility for the allegations,” with an unwavering gaze of resolution.

Casting a shadow from Texas, Rodimer broke political ground in Nevada by way of a failed congressional bid in 2020, only to face further defeat in Texas the subsequent year. Nevertheless, he surrendered to the Las Vegas authorities on the 6th of March and is currently ensnared within the judicial system, albeit temporarily free on the back of a hefty $200,000 bail.

According to testimonies given to the grand jury, Tapp, aged 47, met his untimely end following a violent dispute with Rodimer on the matter of drug consumption in the presence of Rodimer’s stepdaughter during the Halloween fete at Resorts World Las Vegas. The turning point of the tragedy was purportedly when Tapp hit his head on a table as the result of Rodimer’s aggression, leading to his death a few days later.

Drawing a stark contrast to his fate, Tapp, suffered two decades of wrongful incarceration, a suffering which bore fruit only in 2022 when he was awarded $11.7 million in a wrongful conviction lawsuit. The bittersweet justice shone a light on Tapp’s experience in Idaho’s prison system following a botched conviction for a 1996 murder.