Ex-Trump Aide Exposes Chaos, Deception in Tumultuous Final Days in “Enough”


In “Enough,” the revealing new release from a former White House Aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, paints a scathing portrait of the Trump administration’s final days, marked by chaos and disregard for rules. Hutchinson additionally outlines key Republican figures, notably including Speaker Kevin McCarthy, acknowledging behind the veil of politics what they refrained from stating publicly: that Trump had lost the election to Joe Biden.

Hutchinson’s tale begins with her role as an enthusiastic intern on Capitol Hill and leads up to her serving as an essential assistant to the White House Chief of Staff during Trump’s last year. Her internal conflict about the tumultuous curtains falling over Trump’s administration and her resolution to testify to everything she witnessed forms the core of her narrative.

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The Trump administration, as Hutchinson recounts, existed in an environment analogous to a criminal syndicate where loyalty was a paramount virtue. Meadows allegedly asked her if she would take a bullet for Trump, post a 2020 campaign rally, underscoring the valued loyalty principle. However, the disarray escalated with Trump’s indoor, maskless rally in Tulsa at the height of the Covid wave, which ultimately led to an attendee’s death.

Despite facing a scandal for the attendee’s demise, the administration’s stance on masks remained unchanged. Hutchinson narrates instances where she had to advise Trump to discard his mask due to cosmetic smears or handle visitors testing positive for the virus, who were admitted because Trump insisted on meeting with them.

Finally, Hutchinson ventures into the election aftermath, where Meadows discreetly met with a former business associate of Hunter Biden while being shrouded by Secret Service personnel. Events like these led Hutchinson to question the ethics of those she worked with, although her epiphany came significantly late, after the election.

Interestingly, even when Trump displayed fits of irrational conduct, Hutchinson’s censure was mainly reserved for Meadows as she saw him pandering to Trump’s fleeting grip on reality. She was vexed at Meadows for giving Trump unwarranted hope instead of calling out Trump’s delusionary insistence on his fantasies becoming a reality.

In Hutchinson’s electrifying tell-all, one identifies the administration finally succumbing to a lawless state with Meadows purportedly incinerating documents in the fireplace of his office.

Among the revelations is Hutchinson’s recollection of Trump’s begrudging acceptance, in private conversations, of his loss in the election. As the White House gradually shifted towards absolute lawlessness, critical preceding events to the Capitol insurrection reveal detailed plans of enforcing martial law and confiscating voting machines.

Amid this turmoil, Hutchinson candidly documents her struggles and internal conflicts as she swerved between loyalties and ethical propriety. She admits regret over her complicity in the events that transpired leading to January 6 and offers a sobering introspection of her decisions.

Overall, Hutchinson’s book offers an intimate and harsh critique of the final days of the Trump administration – disclosing a hive of irregularities, inappropriate conduct, and a grim foreshadowing of the Capitol insurrection.

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