Ex-NBA Star Roderick Wilmont Accused of Fraud and Misappropriation at Sports Academy


In a recent development that has sent ripples through the sporting world, Roderick Wilmont, a former shooting guard who once graced the courts with his prolific presence, has been accused of fraud and misappropriation of funds. The incident, according to law enforcement, involved him diverting substantial amounts of money from Mont Sports Academy in Orlando, Florida, where he served as a coach.

The funds in question were designated primarily for meeting the housing needs of the academy’s students. Nefariously, it appears that Wilmont used the ill-gotten money to finance a lavish lifestyle that included gambling, as well as for personal expenditures such as holiday trips and OnlyFans subscriptions. Information about this flagrant misuse of funds was brought forward by the Tampa Bay Times.

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Wilmont, now 40, stands accused of two serious charges: He allegedly participated in a scheme to defraud the academy and is also culpable of defrauding an innkeeper. The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to his illicit activities last December.

Adding to this scandalous quagmire, the West Orlando News has raised additional questions about the payment of rental properties funded by the academy. Reports indicate that Wilmont had fallen considerably behind in making the due payments, with outstanding debts believed to be around $19,000.

Particularly tarnished by this incident is the reputation of Mont Sports Academy. The institution has long prided itself on preparing its students for a successful future in collegiate basketball. Just as important as the on-court skills the academy imparted upon its students was the personal growth it aspired to encourage. “Success in sports”, the academy once declared in an online statement, “requires discipline, resilience, and a strong foundation in both academics and personal growth.”

For Wilmont, his past is now under foreboding shadows. He wielded considerable respect for his career, stepping out on the court for Indiana University in his college years and later making stops with the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks. Completing his acclaimed sporting journey, he had successful nine-year-long engagements with the European League and NBA Developmental League.

In another racing pulse news from the underbelly of the gaming world, a substantial number of gambling machines, a loaded firearm, and over $3,000 were confiscated during a gambling raid in San Francisco last week. The police, acting on a court-approved search, further uncovered cocaine, ecstasy, and related contraband in their operation.

The search led to the apprehension of 45-year-old Trang Thuy Thanh Tran from Oakland, California. Charges against her include maintaining a site for illegal narcotics sales, conspiracy, possession of illegal gambling machines, facilitating their use, and profiteering from these illegal activities. Although released from custody, the case remains under the vigilant eyes of local law enforcement agencies who have handed her case over to prosecutors.

In a related incident, Jasmine D. Drone, a Kansas City, Missouri local, is charged with stealing about $1,000 worth of casino chips from River City Casino. Drone, who reportedly used accomplices to cash in the wrongfully gained chips, is scheduled to make a court appearance soon on charges of theft.