Ex Alberta CMOH Urges Stronger Measures To Coupe With COVID-19


Alberta’s former chief medical officer has co-authored a letter to the current health minister, Jason Copping, urging the province to implement tighter health measures to help the health system coupe with the fourth wave.

Dr. Noel Gibney, a critical care specialist, and Dr. James Talbot, the former CMOH, made a number of requests in the letter that they think would be instrumental in helping the health system heal.

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Talbot noted that his greatest concern so far is that the situation is likely to get out of hand.

Of those eligible to be immunized in Alberta, 73.4 percent have received both jabs, which represents 62.4 percent of the province’s population.

He added that the number of those yet to be immunized is capable of causing a strain on the health system. Person below age 12 are not eligible for immunization.

The letter forecasts a grim future for the province if action is not taken immediately. It notes that short term, ICU transfer are will enable hospitals not to invoke the triage protocol, but they came a with a lot of risk.