What does being mindful mean? Practicing mindfulness means letting all of those nagging thoughts, in the back, or forefront, of your mind, slip away. Empowering yourself to truly be present and fully aware of each passing moment. It’s important to let everything extraneous fall away and bask in the calmness so that we may reconnect with ourselves. In doing so, we can connect with the energy that surrounds each of us and witness the deep interconnectedness of it all.

“How can I relax with everything going on?” It might sound impossible at first with the current state of the world, but read on and you may change your mind.

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“Working meditation” may sound off-putting for some, but it’s a lot easier than you think. You might already be practicing mindfulness through meditation without even knowing it. Have you ever done a task like washing the dishes and realized that you were on autopilot? These mindless tasks have the potential to be far more! Taking the time to focus and maintaining oneness with the task at hand is you being mindful. Review your to-do list for tasks that can be done in silence and can help ground you. You’ve already taken the first step, why not keep going?

Conscious breathing is a great way to practice mindfulness no matter how busy you may be. It’s one of the most important tools that you can master because it’s something you’ll always have access to (if not, then we have bigger problems at hand.) No matter where you are or what’s happening around you, you can anchor yourself with mindful breathing. Feeling clouded? Try taking 3 fast, equal breaths to stimulate your mind. On the other end of the spectrum and feeling stressed? Try breathing in for 5 seconds and out for 7 to help calm your mind.

As you focus on your breaths, random thoughts may pop into your head; this is completely natural. Our brains are trained interrupters. We can take back that power by accepting these thoughts as they are and releasing them. Let those thoughts pass right through your mind and slip away as you hone in on your breathwork. Don’t worry, it’ll get easier with more practice!

Movement, even just a short walk outside helps you reconnect with your inner workings. Don’t want to leave the house? Incorporating as little as ten minutes of stretching daily can significantly improve your quality of life by improving circulation and flexibility. Short on time? Do five jumping jacks for a quick reset.

As you continue to be mindful in your daily lives, you’ll begin to notice a calming ripple effect in those you spend time with. The peace that you’re able to find within yourself can be felt and seen by those around you. You become a sanctuary of serenity for others based on the calm energy that you’re emitting. The key to this practice is to remain patient with yourself! It’s not a competition – we all progress at different rates.