Loss & Living: Blues Songwriting (with Rob Lutes)

Songs throughout the ages have often been born from a place of grief and loss, particularly in the blues tradition. In this three-hour workshop, Rob will cover some of the basic elements of blues-style music and guide participants through the songwriting process, inspired by personal mementos such as photos, letters or clothing that tell a story of loss. Participants will have the opportunity to share their stories through conversation, lyrics and melody, drawing on elements of the blues tradition to create their own songs.

What to bring:

  • personal mementos (photos, letters, clothing or other small items of personal significance)
  • notebook and writing implements
  • instruments (optional)

ABOUT THE FACILITATOR : Rob Lutes is an internationally acclaimed songwriter and performer who tours Canada, the US and Europe. As well as giving workshops in many schools across Canada, Rob has taught in the Festiva Blues-sur-Seine’s (France) internationally recognized blues education program as well as the Ottawa Bluesfest’s Blues in Schools program. Rob has won and been nominated for several prizes. In 2018, he was named the Canadian Folk Music Awards Contemporary Singer of the Year.

Registration: $15*

FOR MORE INFORMATION: info@ora-mtl.org / facebook.com/oralossandliving

ORA Loss & Living Program is grateful for the financial support received from Erskine & American Trust Fund, EDGE’s Embracing the Spirit, Good Samaritan Fund and Mission Support Fund, as well as individual donors. *Our policy is that financial hardship should not be an obstacle to participation. Contact info@ora-mtl.org for details.