Even when it seems impossible, even when you have failed in the past, Manifest Abundance Bootcamp can help


by Rhonda Massad

 Do you feel there’s a financial ceiling you can’t seem to overpass?

Have you been putting the effort and not achieving the financial results you  want?

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Do you feel blocked in your abundance life?

Do you find it hard to bring more income into your life?

 Whether you are working for an employer, are interested in self-employed jobs or own a business, this bootcamp is for you.

If you want to get crystal clear about the changes you want, discover the root cause of what’s stopping you from attaining your goals and rewire your brain for success so you can feel confident, empowered and fulfilledGabriela Embon’s 8 week Manifest Abundance Bootcamp is waiting for you.

 Groups are made up of 8 people who really want to get things done.  One private session with Gabriela gets you started and the next 7 sessions you join forces to clear the path blocking you from success.

Why rewire the brain for success?

According to Gabriela, the results in our lives are always a mirror of our unconscious programs and beliefs.

Why do we get stuck in life?

We get stuck when we have limiting beliefs about what we want to attract in  life. Those beliefs are hidden in our subconscious mind and we might not be aware we have them. Yet they become road blocks in our path to success.

How do we get unstuck quickly?

By rewiring the brain for new and empowering beliefs. You see… the brain has plasticity explains Gabriela and it can be reprogrammed.

If you have been putting in the time but not getting the results and repeating the same patterns over and over Gabriela believes her bootcamp can help you break free from the silent saboteurs and finally start creating the abundance you desire.

Gabriela Embon
Gabriela Embon

Give Gabriela a call to see if this is the right program for you.

With two locations to serve you Gabriela Embon can be reached at 514-690-6000

3740 Sources Boulevard

Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC

H9B 1Z9

5005 Jean Talon W. #226 (Metro Namur)

Montreal, QC 

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