Ethereum Struggles at $2,720, Eyes Critical $2,440 Support


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, Ethereum has recently encountered a challenging phase as it made a valiant attempt to surpass the $2,720 mark but met with resistance leading to a correction in its gains. The prominent digital currency is now toeing the line around the crucial support level of $2,440, with concerns that it might succumb to further losses.

The journey was marked by Ethereum’s ascent toward the $2,720 threshold before the market’s bearish sentiment took hold, prompting a downward adjustment in its price. Currently, the currency is trading below both the $2,550 mark and the hundred-hourly Simple Moving Average—an indicator of a troubling trend for investors and traders alike.

This bearish outlook is further exemplified by a connecting trend line with a resistance point at approximately $2,520 on the hourly charts of Ethereum against the US dollar, based on data from the Kraken exchange. Should the digital currency slip below the critical $2,440 support range, a fresh downside momentum might ensue.

During its momentous rise, Ethereum managed to outshine Bitcoin, breaching the $2,550 resistance level. It went on to push past $2,600 and briefly surged beyond $2,700. However, near the $2,720 mark, sellers asserted their presence.

After reaching a multi-week high close to $2,716, Ethereum began to relinquish its gains, demonstrated by a pullback below the $2,600 and $2,550 levels. The retracement continued past the 23.6% Fibonacci level taken from the recent surge from a swing low of $2,170 to a high of $2,716.

As sellers maintain pressure, and the cryptocurrency hovers below both $2,550 and the significant hourly moving average, the potential for an upswing is being closely monitored. Resistance hovers around the $2,520 zone—coinciding with the aforementioned bearish trend line.

Looking forward, Ethereum could encounter formidable resistance near the $2,585 level. A decisive movement above this point may set the path towards $2,650. The principal resistance now looms near $2,720, and a breach above this barrier could propel Ethereum into a bullish territory, potentially leading to resistance levels at $2,780 and even the $2,880 zones.

On the flip side, failure to surpass the resistance at $2,520 could precipitate further declines for Ethereum. The initial line of defense lies at $2,440—near the 50% Fibonacci retracement of its latest significant ascent. Should this support falter, the digital currency could face a downward trajectory, possibly testing the $2,350 support zone. A break below this level might drag Ethereum down to the $2,300 support area, and further losses could push the price down towards the $2,240 benchmark.

To gauge the momentum of Ethereum’s price, technical indicators such as the hourly Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) offer insights. Currently, the MACD for ETH/USD is showing a loss of strength in its bullish momentum, while the RSI has dipped below the midline, indicating a shift in the market sentiment.

In the world of trading where uncertainty looms large, the $2,440 and $2,585 levels stand as critical junctures for Ethereum’s short-term price direction. Market participants are keenly watching these indicators to determine their next strategic moves within the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency markets.


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