Ethereum Soars as Mystery Whale Buys $405M Worth of ETH Coin


In an intriguing turn of events, a mysterious financial entity recently emerged, catching the attention of the cryptocurrency world. Known as an Ethereum “whale” for the enormous amounts of cryptocurrency it transacts, this new player has been stealthily acquiring a staggering volume of the Ethereum (ETH) crypto coin.

Early observations began on March 31st, as this nascent account initiated its Ethereum acquisition odyssey, purchasing a Herculean load of over $405 million worth of ETH. Sharp-eyed pundits within the blockchain research platform, LookOnChain, have been closely tracking this whale’s movements. The intrigue deepened when further investigations revealed an uncanny overlap of activity between the newly created account and another notoriously active account alleged to be associated with Tron founder, Justin Sun.

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The expenditure spree of this new account started quite shrewdly. It began by withdrawing an impressive $96.8 million worth of stablecoins from the globally recognized crypto exchange, Binance, before proceeding to purchase Ethereum from Binance and also from Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).

As the LookOnChain platform disclosed, from April 8 to April 20, this account procured a phenomenal 127,388 ETH. To visualize the grandeur of this buying spree, one need only consider the average price of each of these tokens: a hefty $3,172. This rounds up the mammoth purchase to the cool total of $405.19 million.

Parallel to this, the account suspected of being controlled by Justin Sun illustrated similar patterns of activity, hinting at a potential cryptic link between Sun and the emerging whale. For instance, on March 31st, Sun’s speculated account made a significant deposit of 787 million USDT to Binance on Tron. Intriguingly, this coincided with the timing of the withdrawal made by our unidentified investing behemoth.

Drawing on previous data, more interweaving paths were discovered. From February 12 to February 24, the Sun account notably indulged in an Ethereum buying extravaganza of its own, nailing down 168,396 ETH. This stash equated to roughly $580.5 million, at an average token price of $2,894.

Despite the serendipity, Lookonchain cautiously points out the possibility of a coincidence. However, if these digital trails do lead to Justin Sun, his ETH acquisitions amount to a breathtaking 295,757 ETH. This would mean in monetary terms, he’s invested approximately $891 million into Ethereum in merely two months.

As is expected in such high-stakes trading, this activity drew mixed reactions from onlookers. Some suggested the suspiciously akin trading patterns could trigger a market crash. Others proposed far-fetched theories about Sun going on an ETH-dumping spree, while optimists suggested this could be accumulation for the anticipated approval of spot Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETF).

Despite all the speculation and skepticism, Ethereum appears to be rallying. Following a dip to $2,865 on Friday, a level not seen since the end of February, ETH’s ascent began over the weekend, coinciding with the frenzied buying spree of our unnamed whale. The market has since witnessed an uplift, with Ethereum clawing back its foothold on the $3,100 support level and currently trading at $3,192.

This recovery represents a modest growth of 2% from its price 24 hours ago and a gentle 1.5% surge within a week. This encouraging momentum is reflected in Ethereum’s daily trading volumes, which have seen a considerable 8.7% uptick, amounting to a sizzling daily trading volume of $11.42 billion. The total value of Ethereum in the market mirrored this acceleration with a 1.78% boost in its market capitalization within a day.

Whether these events portend for Ethereum, only time will tell. Nevertheless, for now, the emergence of this new “whale account” has brought quite the excitement, hormones, and speculation to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It’s certainly a development worth noting and possibly another chapter of the larger saga that is unfolding in the digital currency world.

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